#BeContent - How to Be the Content for Your Personal Brand

When you are the content that others consume, you immediately gain recognition and credibility in their eyes. This course will teach and inspire you to go beyond just being a consumer of content, but to BE the content that others consume. 

Being Content is for the benefit of others, not just for you. Although as you’ll see, Being Content is a tremendous value and great benefit to you as a professional, entrepreneur, or employee.

People need to hear your voice. See your face. Read your words.

After taking this course you will be able to Be Engaging, Be a Messenger of knowledge, Be Inspiring, and most of all - BE CONTENT.

21 Lessons

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1. Introduction

Understand the value of YOU being the content.

Introduction Quiz

2. What It Means to Be Content

Learn what being content will mean for you.

Lesson 2 Quiz

3. Who Should Be Content

Learn how people like you are benefiting from being content.

Lesson 3 Quiz

4. Reasons to Be Content

Learn WHY you should Be Content.

Lesson 4 Quiz

5. How You Can Be Content

Learn how you can become content.

Lesson 5 Quiz

6. Assignment - Start Being Content

7. Where to Be Content

Learn the best places to make your content seen.

Lesson 7 Quiz

(Bonus) My Secret to Creating Large Amounts of Content

Learn how to generate more content.

Bonus Quiz

8. Conclusion - Will You #BeContent?

Lesson 8 Quiz

9. Workbook - Develop Your Content Strategy

10. Challenge! - The #BeContentChallenge

Review and Challenge. It's time to Be Content!

(Bonus) 5 Personal Brand Career Tips

Actions to take now to build your Personal Brand

(Bonus Audio Content) Podcast Episodes on Being Content

Bonus Audio Content